war machines

Today I am going to talk about military inventions. What are some of these things? Well one thing is artillery. Artillery guns are big and some are small. They both have the same function. A mortar is a small artillery gun. Their impact on war is great. Without these guns war would be longer. They helped by destroying tanks, clearing bunkers, and shot down war planes .

Another invention is the tank. This heavy armored mobile artillery doesn’t always have a gun though. Some have their guns taken off so they can transport troops and supplies. Some famous tank names are the Sherman, Tiger, and T 34. It had the largest influence in war and used in almost every battle. They were almost the exact same as artillery. The difference was you could stick anything to it such as a flamethrower. They could clear bunkers, destroy other tanks, shoot down planes, provide cover, and transport supplies and troops. Nothing this mobile and this powerful had ever been used in wars before the tank was invented.

My favorite invention used by the military is a war plane. Here are a few I know about. The Spitfire, Corsair, and P51 Mustang are planes that have flown in different wars. These mainly influenced the Pacific war of WWII because that part of the world is mainly water. They helped by shooting down planes, bombing enemy targets, and transporting supplies and soldiers. Thank you for reading and I will talk to you soon.

Cyclical vs. Linear

Hello everyone. Today as said in the title I am going to talk about linear vs cyclical views of life. So let’s talk about cyclical. First you’re going to have to know what cyclical means. It means cycle. That said lets give an example. Lets say a tree drops a seed. Over time it grows into another tree that also has seeds to drop. This cycle goes on and on. Now that you have a good idea of what it means, let’s dive in. People who believe that time is cyclical believe that is has no end and that time began out of the waters of chaos. This idea was developed in ancient Egypt. Out of the waters of chaos rose a mountain called Benben that the gods then turned into the Earth. To make sure that the world didn’t fall back into chaos, the Egyptians appointed a Pharaoh. The Pharaoh was said to be a link between the two worlds. He maintained order through giving commands to the people so that the world would not be destroyed by chaos.

   The linear view of time states that time has a beginning, a middle, and an end. A person is born, becomes a child, grows into an adult, then dies. This is linear. There really is not much about it.

A person with a cyclical view of life may think that growing their personal capital is useless . With the rise of chaos comes the destruction of there items of personal value That is what they think . Thank you for reading and if want someone else opinion come here. Bye.

Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends

Have ya’ll ever played titanfall 2? if yes then you probably played apex legends. In the campaign of titanfall you face Ash the maker of the IMC’s Reapers,specters,and stalkers. This level was easy for me. Any who, as one of the mercs in Kupen Blisk squad you have no choice but to end them. And all you arena players out there in apex legends, that person who is in control and the hologram in your starting place(and no i don’t mean Mirage) is Ash. And now they add her to Apex legends!!! Why not Jack Cooper,the character you play as!!! But Apex Legends Valkyrie is a interesting character. She is the daughter of Viper my 2nd favorite character and the hardest boss in the game.

well thats it. tell me if you want me to write more.


A typewriter is a mechanical or electromechanical machine for writing characters similar
to those produced by printer’s movable type. A typewriter operates by means of keys
that strike a ribbon to transmit ink or carbon impressions onto paper. Typically, a single
character is printed on each key press. The machine prints characters by making ink
impressions of type elements similar to the sorts used in movable type letterpress
printing. At the end of the nineteenth century, the term typewriter was also applied to
a person who used a typing machine.
The first commercial typewriters were introduced in 1874, but did not become common
in offices until after the mid-1880s. The typewriter quickly became an indispensable
tool for practically all writing other than personal handwritten correspondence. It was
widely used by professional writers, in offices, and for business correspondence in
private homes.

In 1865, Rev. Rasmus Malling-Hansen of Denmark invented the Hansen Writing Ball,
which went into commercial production in 1870 and was the first commercially sold
typewriter. It was a success in Europe and was reported as being used in offices in
London as late as 1909. Malling-Hansen used a solenoid escapement to return the
carriage on some of his models which makes him a candidate for the title of inventor
of the first “electric” typewriter.
The Hansen Writing Ball was produced with only upper-case characters. The Writing
Ball was used as a template for inventor Frank Haven Hall to create a derivative that
would produce letter prints cheaper and faster.
The first typewriter to be commercially successful was invented in 1868 by Americans
Christopher Latham Sholes, Frank Haven Hall, Carlos Glidden and Samuel W. Soule
in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, although Sholes soon disowned the machine and refused to
use, or even to recommend it. This tool was a very important thing in history and not so much today.

THe pencil

The pencil. An item the world takes for granted. But what was the world like before it? When I am done,you might think that stick is much more.

A pencil is a writing implement or art medium constructed of a narrow, solid pigment
core inside a protective casing which prevents the core from being broken or leaving
marks on the user’s hand during use.
Pencils create marks by physical abrasion, leaving behind a trail of solid core material
that adheres to a sheet of paper or other surface. They are distinct from pens, which
instead disperse a trail of liquid or gel ink that stains the light color of the paper.
Most pencil cores are made of graphite mixed with a clay binder which leaves grey or
black marks that can be easily erased. Graphite pencils are used for both writing and
drawing and result in durable markings: though writing is easily removable with an
eraser, it is otherwise resistant to moisture, most chemicals, ultraviolet radiation, and
natural aging. Other types of pencil core are less widely used, such as charcoal pencils,
which are mainly used by artists for drawing and sketching. Colored pencils are
sometimes used by teachers or editors to correct submitted texts, but are typically
regarded as art supplies, especially those with waxy core binders that tend to smear on
paper instead of erasing. Grease pencils have a softer, crayon-like waxy core that can
leave marks on smooth surfaces such as glass or porcelain.
The most common type of pencil casing is of thin wood, usually hexagonal in section
but sometimes cylindrical, permanently bonded to the core. Similar permanent casings
may be constructed of other materials such as plastic or paper.

Where in the world

The topic is where in the world I would live in. Germany is where I would want to live if I could. Its landscape is interesting. It has mountains,forest,and planes. It has four major rivers. The Elbe,The Main, The Danube, and The Rhine.